B.Ed. (2 Years) Program

About The Course

Teachers play a very important role in a student's life. It is the teachers, to a great extent who decide the shape a student's life will take. It is necessary to be adequately equipped with resources that will make the teacher a perfect role model to the students. To achieve this, Bachelor of Education or B.Ed was introduced, which will teach a person about teaching and the various aspects associated with teaching.

If you have the passion for teaching and want to take teaching as your profession, this B.Ed degree is considered compulsory. Whether you are an arts or a science graduate, you need to have the Bachelor's degree.

Why Study B.Ed.

  • There are some important reasons as to why one should opt for B.Ed course.
  • You become efficient in teaching subjects of your specialization on the basis of accepted principles of learning and teaching.
  • The course develops your skills and widens your understanding so that you can impart quality education to your students.
  • The course also teaches you about the attitude and makes you skilled in coming up with innovative teaching techniques.
  • You become more competent in understanding psychological principles of growth and development and individual differences of the students you teach.
  • There is a separate section in this course where you learn to guide the children and counsel them in solving their personal and academic problems.
  • This job is particularly suited for girls who can give more time to their children and families.

B.Ed. Course-Curriculum

Accordingly, the 2-Year B.Ed. course aims at a complete development of the student teacher; particularly knowledge and skills, in individual care of the learner and also in the methods and evaluation designed to facilitate learning. Interactive processes, i.e., group reflection, critical thinking and meaning-making have been encouraged. The maturity of student-teachers has been kept in mind while visualising modes of learning engagements; instead of continuous teacher monitoring, greater autonomy to learners' principles of learning.

The syllabus retains the essence of student-teachers being active participants in the learning process and prepares the student-teachers for facing the emerging challenges resulting out of globalisation and its consequences.

Eligibility for B.Ed. Program

Admission to B.Ed. program is open to a student who passed a Graduation degree with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized University.

Admission Procedure: Admission in the B.Ed. program shall be based on Academic Merit.

Fee for B.Ed. Program


University Fee

Tuition Fees (Per Annum)

INR 25,000/-

University Charges (Per Annum)

INR 15,000/-

Administrative Charges (Per Annum)

INR 5,000/-

Security Deposit

INR 5,000/-

Processing Charges

INR 1,100/-


Living on campus is an indispensable piece of the SU student experience—nearly all our students prefer to live in residence halls during their first two years, and some stay longer. It develops a sense of living and sharing together along with a feeling of belongingness towards the institution.

Boarding & Lodging Charges

Hostel Accommodation Charges

Refundable Security Deposit

INR 75,000/- (per Annum)

INR 5,000/- (per Annum)

Shared accommodation includes regular vegetarian meals. Air coolers provided in rooms during summer

Hostel Allocation Policy

Hostel rooms are allocated for the complete academic year only. With our complete academic year stay policy, students can avoid the hassle of relocating or searching for alternative accommodation each semester.

*The security deposit will be refundable to the student after s/he successfully completes her/his course. In case a student leaves the course midway or shifts to another institution without taking consent of the university, or without an NOC, the security deposit will be forfeited.


All The following Scholarships are available for B.Ed. Students: More Detail

Adarsh Vidyadhan Samman Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Girl Candidates, and Candidates from the North Eastern states.

Chancellor’s Scholarships

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for Alumni applying for admission in Shobhit University programs 2018.

Academic Merit Based Scholarship Scheme

  • A scholarship of 20% of tuition fee to all students who have secured more than 75% marks in qualifying exam.
  • A scholarship of 30% of tuition fee to all students who have secured more than 85% marks in qualifying exam.
  • A scholarship of 40% of tuition fee to all students who have secured more than 90% marks in qualifying exam

Babu Vijendra Shourya Samman Scholarships

A Gratitude Scholarship (Boy’s 40% Tuition Fee & Girl’s 50% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for the wards of great Martyrs.

Faculty Development Scholarship Scheme

A special scholarship (upto 20% Tuition Fee) has been approved by University for staff and faculty members for admission in Shobhit University Weekend Programs.